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WordHero AI writing tools can create an unlimited number of blog posts, website content, video scripts, etc.

Imagine being able to generate hundreds of unique articles every month, without having to spend a lot. WordHero AI is the right tool for you. This is a relatively new AI writing program that has just hit the market.

We decided to test it myself and this WordHero review will share my findings about this amazing and affordable AI writing tool.

What is WordHero?

WordHero is a popular Al writing tool that allows you to quickly create high-quality blog articles, social media captions, emails, ads, sales copy, product/SEO descriptions, and more. WordHero can also be used for a startup, marketing, content ideas, poetry, and song lyrics. It is a ground-breaking artificial intelligence (Al) writing tool that is powered by OpenAL/GTP-3, a first-of-its-kind autoregressive language model with 175 billion parameters. It saves you countless hours of writing time by reducing the amount of time you spend on online research and writing.

Wordhero content generation

WordHero is a new content writing tool that uses GPT-3 AI technology to generate unique content based on keywords you provide.

WordHero AI has a long-form content editor that allows you to write section-wise content, then click “Write More” to have the AI add additional sentences based on your cues.

Wordhero features & tools

WordHero’s features are gradually being enhanced. When you log into your WordHero dashboard, you’ll notice a plethora of tools and templates.

There are dozens of these various types of templates available that you can use to begin the content creation process, such as:

  • Descriptions, titles, and subtitles are examples of ad text.
  • Blog post ideas, titles, list titles, blog post intros and outlines, and blog bullet points
  • Sales copy based on tried-and-true copywriting: PAS, AIDA, pain gain claim, and function to profit are all examples of pain gain claims.
  • Blog templates include things like headlines, subtitles, introductions, and conclusions.
  • Meta titles and descriptions for SEO.
  • Rewriting and content expansion.
  • Ideas for elevator startups, slogans, and speeches.
  • Themes for videos, script outline, script hook, and introduction
  • The email’s subject and copy.

And a slew of other one-of-a-kind templates that aren’t found in other AI writing tools.

Wordhero Groupbuy includes

  • Forever unlimited copies
  • All future writing tools will be available to you.
  • Access to all of the writing tools (more than 25)
  • Create engaging blog content by brainstorming topics and writing engaging blog content.
  • Create eye-catching captions for social media.
  • Support for over ten languages (coming soon)
  • Make your product titles and descriptions memorable.
  • You’ll have access to our brand-new long-form editor.
  • Create a list of viral marketing and startup ideas.

Pricing of WordHero

Deal from the Owner

Pricing of WordHero

WordHero offers a Pro Unlimited Plan for $29 per Month. This plan includes:

  • Unlimited copies forever
  • All future writing tools available to you
  • Access to all 25+ writing instruments
  • Find topic ideas and write engaging blog content
  • Send sales and marketing emails that are persuasive.
  • Create catchy captions to share on social media
  • Soon, support for more than 10 languages
  • Create memorable product descriptions and titles
  • Our brand new editor in long-form has been made available to you
  • Brainstorm startup ideas & viral marketing strategies

You can pay monthly or annually. An annual subscription can be billed annually and you will receive a $29 discount.

Deal from Best SEO Tool

If you do not have much money but still want to experience all the features of the tool, we think join group buy WordHero is the necessary solution.

Currently, we are providing a group buy WordHero Pro Plan Unlimited for $25/year, you can refer to this link.

WordHero Vs Rytr

Comparison Points




Company Profile (Authenticity)

WordHero does not have an About Us page. So I couldn’t find any whereabout of the company except it’s owner’s name, Jeff. However, WordHero aggresively updates their product as compared to Rytr

Rytr does have an about us page with names of chief people working there. However, it too does not have it’s address mentioned on the website. It also fails to update it’s product frequently


Ease of Use

WordHero is very straightforward to use. Both it’s short-form templates and long-form editor are easily accessible and easy to use.

Rytr too has a simple interface. It combines Short-form content and long-form content in a single document. It’s easy to use either of them.


Number Of Content Templates

As of time of writing this article WordHero has a total of 64 Content templates that covers almost all the Use cases.

Rytr only has 38 content templates as of time of writing this article. However, they allow creating custom templates. But I am not sure how regularly people use that feature. I personally never used it.


Quality of Short-Form Content Template

WordHero’s output was mediocre for the most part of my tests. However, some of its templates generate excellent content which I could not compare with Rytr as it does not have the same template

Rytr’s output too was a mixed bag. At times it created great content while other times it created content that made no sense at all.


Quality of Long-Form Content Template

WordHero does struggled with long-form editor as well. It was able to generate decent outline but generated incomplete paragraphs. I’d put it as mediocre again

Rytr struggled big time with long-form content. It’s outline as well as paragraphs generated made no sense to the point that I’d say it’s unusable for long-form content.



WordHero has a small but active Facebook Community where users regularly share insights.

Rytr has a custom designed community that is rarely used by customers.



WordHero, as such, is costly. However, the AppSumo Lifetime Deal @ $89 makes it a steal deal. (You have to buy 2 codes to get access to Long-form editor)

Rytr has a very limited free tier. And though it’s paid plans are very affordable, they cannot be compared with WordHero’s Lifetime Deal.


Value For Money

Feature and quality wise there is not much of a difference between WordHero and Rytr. So, WordHero turns out to be more value for money with it’s Lifetime Deal.

Rytr might be slightly better tool than WordHero, but the latter is catching up at faster pace. So Rytr loses here mainly because it lacks a lifetime deal


Final Verdict

WordHero is a decent tool and with the pace it is adding new features I am expecting it to get better in the future. And with Lifetime deal on offer, it’s a no-brainer that you should invest in WordHero lifetime deal over paying monthly for Rytr

Conclusion of WordHero Group Buy

Before I end this article, let me tell you what I think about this inexpensive AI writing tool.

WordHero produces decent content. To be more accessible, AI content needs to be edited by humans. WordHero needs to improve many things, and they are doing that.

Although it’s not the most powerful AI writing tool, it can be used with minimal editing. Templates are much more effective than the long-form editor’s “write more” option. I have found that my content is of higher quality when I use templates.

It’s still beta and requires more improvements. The software offers unlimited content, which is the coolest thing.

WordHero is a great value considering the lifetime deal and unlimited generation option.


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