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What is Spyfu Group buy?

Spyfu Group Buy is a Search for any competitor. Download their keywords. It’s that simple. Learn competitors’ PPC & SEO tricks and avoid their mistakes. SpyFu is a search analytics company, also known as GoogSpy, when it was founded. SpyFu’s main application is as a tool to improve and organize the site’s SEO and PPC. This tool is used to spy on rival websites. SpyFu provides all necessary and unnecessary information about the opponent’s campaign.

Why you should use Spyfu?

SpyFu allows you to track your Adwords and your competitors’ keywords. You can identify which activities in your Google Adwords campaign are running well. SpyFu’s main application as a tool is to improve and organize your website’s SEO and PPC. Provides all the necessary and unnecessary information about it. Start by the total number of keywords your competitor had purchased or bidding, the number of clicks each keyword received.

Why SpyFu is great?

SpyFu is an amazing competitive intelligence tool for SEO and marketing. It gives you full insight into your competitors’ search campaigns and helps you improve your own marketing tactics. The volume of the information it gives you access to is huge and is very easy to use.

Another fantastic job SpyFu does is that the UI is easy to navigate through and is very intuitive. It always updates its databases, so it stays current.


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