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What is Quetext Group Buy?

Quetext is a leading plagiarism detection software and citation assistant that detects duplicate content and prevents plagiarism by combining DeepSearchTM Version 2 and ColorGradeTM technology with clear feedback. Quetext, which has over 5 million users worldwide, has been assisting teachers, students, bloggers, and professional writers in improving their writing.

How Reliable is Quetext?

Quetext is definitely legit and a must-have tool in your content arsenal no matter you’re a blogger, freelance writer, or academic professional. It has some of the largest searchable databases of books, web pages, and over 1 million journals that making it pretty difficult to bypass your duplicate content.

What is Plagiarism?

Quetext is the best proprietary DeepSearch™ tool. To put it in simple words, plagiarism is stealing someone’s idea or work without referencing him. So if you are writing an essay for your teacher and you are going to write about an idea. That is already covered by someone else, you need to reference him at the end of the article.

Features of Quetext

1. Deep Search Technology

Take your plagiarism checking process to a whole different and deeper level with their DeepSearch technology. It is their propriety search engine result of over 10 years of dedicated research with contextual analysis, Fuzzy matching, and Conditional scoring.

This is what makes it different from other plagiarism checkers. Quetext does not find only matched phrases, it is capable of detecting duplicate text, even if some words twisted.

2. Color Grade Feedback

With the help of features like Color Grade feedback. you can engage with your results and take appropriate actions. It will enable you to easily find out the text which matches exactly with your text. Moreover, you can also spot near-exact or ‘fuzzy’ matches in different colors.

3. Citation Assistant

It has a built-in citation feature as well to help you cite plagiarism paragraphs. Those who are not aware of what citation is all about. Citation is mentioning, referring, or praising someone in your document.

if you are using exact texts, images, or anything which has done earlier by someone else. So check for unintentional plagiarism and quickly add citation directly. into your content with Quetext citation assistant.

4. Originality Report

Results from the plagiarism checking process are reported in such a nice way that includes a percentage. and highlighted sentences that are matched with other sources.

5. Interactive Snippet Text

Easy analysis of your matches side by side with their interactive and intuitive snippet text viewer. So you will be able to spot and remove duplicate content fast and with so much ease.


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